Wine of the week – Terra Romana Pinot Noir 2018, SERVE winery in Ceptura

by Echipa Wines Of Romania
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A great lover of Pinot Noir, the founder of SERVE, Count Guy de Poix, arrived in Romania in the early 90s, where he discovered Dealu Mare and an exceptional Feteasca Neagra, vinified by Aurel Rotarescu. The rest is history – he fell so much in love with Feteasca that he made it his goal to study, understand and show the world the best possible version of this traditional variety.

But first love is never forgotten, so Pinot Noir has always enjoyed special attention, and the way it expresses itself at the SERVE winery in Ceptura is, year after year, a reverence to the great French school of winemaking, even if the terroir sometimes pushes the wine into more athletic, more concentrated forms than the supple, acidic Pinots of France.

Terra Romana 2018 is as close as possible to the classic form of this variety, which is already evident from the first aromas emanating from the glass – mushrooms and forest floor. The cherry and red fruit layer doesn’t leave much to be desired, along with fruit and dried leaf flavors and spicy spices. Half matured in oak barrels, half kept fresh in stainless steel vessels, this is a wine that speaks to balance as much as it does to elegance. A perfect wine for an elegant dinner or an evening for two.


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