The Goat took the Fox out for a snack: Gramofon launches Meatology

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Meatology, three wines for meat pairings

The Gramofon Wine bestiary has grown, starting today, with a new character. Under the guise of a gentle herbivore, the Goat, because it is a goat (or, more correctly, a Buck or a Ram) is a devoted carnivore, even a fine connoisseur of tastes and pairing with wine.

More precisely, the new range launched by Gramofon Wine was born soon after Marcel Vulpoi (the name translates to Fox or Big Fox), one of the two owners of the winery, met Eugen Capra, (the name translates to Goat, as you probably guessed already) the founder of Carnexpo and Grillfest, the biggest events dedicated to meat producers in Romania.

"The first meeting with Eugen Capra was accidental, at the „The Great Hill” wine bar. He told stories about meat, I told stories about wines, then I went to his exhibition last year. I liked it, and the idea of a partnership came naturally. First with wines, during events, then in the form of a dedicated range. Mihai Glodeanu, who also created the Sonorum label, was more than inspired, and that’s how Meatology appeared", explains Marcel Vulpoi.

The first tasting of Meatology, on the beach, at the grill

The first public appearance of the Meatology range will take place during Grillfest, the barbecue festival scheduled for April 29 – May 1, on Reyna beach in Constanta. The second, most likely, within RO-Wine | The International Wines Festival of Romania, where the Merlot (vinified in red), is bound to be one of the stars of the Gramofon booth, along with Feteasca neagra Sonorum, launched at the beginning of this year.

As the Carnexpo website itself says, "the wines that go well with the grill are diverse. Sparkling wine brings out the aroma of charcoal and smoke, dry and fruity wines work well with the sweetness of the ribs and balance the salt in them. Acidic or citrus-driven wines work well with any premium barbecue sauce.

The Wine & Cheese area within the Carnexpo Grill invites and hosts top brands from the world of premium wines or sparkling wines alongside cheese producers, allowing a perfect pairing in the business area, with the food industry, retail and HoReCa".

What pairings does the producer suggest for Meatology wines?

"We believe in perfect pairings and the most successful combinations, that’s why, together with our friends from Carnexpo, we created the MEATOLOGY range, represented by 3 wines designed to pair perfectly with high-quality meats.

For Meatology Feteasca regala, we naturally pair poultry, as is natural for a white wine. But we claim that the perfect pair for this is pork.

Whether we’re talking about a pork tenderloin or a bit fattier cut, this Feteasca Regala, with a well-integrated acidity and strong flavours truly reveals itself in this daring pairing.

Meatology Merlot Rose naturally pairs very well with duck, but for such a serious rosé, with flavours of bitter cherries, with such a mineral vein and astringency specific to the variety – we recommend pairing it with some mutton or lamb chops, for those who want to discover the divine pairing.

Meatology Merlot complements culinary pairings, sitting wonderfully in the company of beef and game meats. We recommend that it be served with extraordinarily well-selected pieces of meat and we admit that we like to serve it most in the company of a well-ripened T-bone".

Meatology, soon at The Great Hill

Gramofon Wine already has a long and notorious connection with the gourmet area, something apparent to all those who have ever visited the winery, participated in one of their parties over the year or who happened to visit The Great Hill wine-bars (Cotroceni and the Bragadiru Palace, where, along with food and wine, the tastes are also complemented by the plays of the Godot theatre.

If you also add the notorious atmosphere of partying, relaxation and bien-vivre that define Gramofon’s attitude, you will definitely get a recipe for a great day!

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