Silviana Petre-Badea, former JLL executive, takes over as CEO of SERVE Winery

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Silviana Petre-Badea

Silviana Petre-Badea is the new CEO of SERVE Winery, one of the most prestigious wine businesses in Romania. After a long experience in real estate, Silviana Petre-Badea has taken on the leadership of SERVE from her mother, Mihaela Tyrel de Poix, co-founder of Romania’s first private winery. Silviana led JLL Romania for 8 years, and currently remains a non-executive member of the CEE Board at iO Partners.

"I’m transitioning to a completely new industry, with an extremely competitive market and competitors whom I deeply respect. My 20 years in consultancy have prepared me for much, and I know that, regardless of the industry or product, the ingredients are the same: caring for people and their place in the ecosystem in which they operate, a focus on results, innovation, excellence in every detail, and as much joy as possible in every day and every project. We already have a wonderful team in the winery, with an average retention of over 20 years, and we have created a sales and marketing team of which we can be proud," says Silviana Petre-Badea.

SERVE Winery, located in the Dealu Mare wine region of Prahova County, has a production capacity of 500 thousand bottles of wine annually, and last year recorded a turnover of 2 million euros, an increase from the previous year.

Silviana Petre-Badea is a graduate of the Academy of Economic Studies and has 20 years of experience in real estate consultancy, the last 10 of which have been in top management. At the helm of the family business, she will promote excellence within the company, recruit new talent, and create modern systems to scale the business starting in 2025.

Silviana will have her mother by her side, who remains involved and will accompany the transition, as well as her brother, Paul Badea. He, in turn, has taken on the role of Non-Executive Partner, managing relationships with certain clients and strategic partners, and participating in shaping the company’s long-term strategy.

"Our goal is to become the most admired wine business in Romania within 5 years, not only for our wines, history, and story, but also for the value we bring to the partners we work with—employees, suppliers, and customers, the business environment, the wine industry, and society in general. We want SERVE to remain a company that people want to work for and with which partners want to do business. We have the strength to stand alongside other producers with the same values and vision in positioning wine as a country brand for Romania," adds Silviana Petre-Badea.

The company is currently exploring opportunities in both production and marketing and sales, including organic farming and wine, sustainability and ESG in viticulture, innovation in packaging to reduce carbon footprint, demystifying wine for consumers, and wine tourism.

In addition to transitioning to the new generation, SERVE Winery also marks its 30th anniversary this year. In 1994, French Count Guy Tyrel de Poix and Mihaela de Poix laid the foundations for one of the largest and most successful wine businesses, establishing Romania’s first private wine company. SERVE wines have won over 250 medals since 1996, when the Chevalier de Dionys 1995 Merlot won a bronze medal at the Selections Mondiales competition in Canada. Additionally, Guy and Mihaela de Poix brought the Feteasca Neagra grape variety back into the spotlight for viticulturists and wine lovers, and SERVE is the author of the first Feteasca Neagra wine rated with over 90 points by Parker.


SERVE Winery – the Euro-Romanian Society for Exceptional Wines – is the oldest and one of the most renowned wine producers in Dealu Mare, a region famous for its ideal climate conditions for cultivating red grapes. SERVE Winery owns and operates 65 hectares of vineyards in the Ceptura area, with an annual production of approximately 500,000 bottles of wine and a turnover of around 2 million euros. Among the wine brands produced are "Vinul Cavalerului," "Terra Romana," and the "Cuvee" range. The winery is particularly known for its premium products such as Cuvee Charlotte, Cuvee Guy de POIX, Cuvee Clemence, Cuvee Amaury, Cuvee Sissi, and Cuvee Pacs, as well as for its blending of indigenous varieties such as Feteasca Neagra or Feteasca Alba with international varieties in exceptional blends. In addition to wine production, SERVE Winery offers customers experiences to explore the world of wine, such as varietal recognition tastings, vertical tastings (wines from different vintages), blending experiences, and vineyard-related activities.

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