Wines to taste for the Easter feast

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Easter is ritualistically summarized into bread and wine, and the Easter meal simultaneously marks the celebration of the Resurrection and the end of fasting. Despite all the calls for moderation, it is a meal that traditionally demands abundance because it is one of the few times over a year’s course when the entire family gathers for Easter. Whether it is hosted by those with more means or everyone brings something to the table, it’s rare to find an Easter meal without many dishes that span over several hours.

Our goal today is to recommend to you – given that "as many households, so many customs" – the most suitable wine for whatever you may find on that table.

Wine for appetizers

  • For the platter of fresh cheeses, green onions, radishes, a semi-vegetal wine is needed, possibly with fruity undertones, such as a Sauvignon Blanc from Domeniul Bogdan or a Cramposie selectionata Amfiteatru* from Avincis, they are cheerful companions with in the long run.
  • For stuffed eggs and other mayonnaise salads (chicken, mushrooms, beef), you still need a white wine with high acidity and one that is rather floral than fruity. Stick to the wine chosen for cheeses and vegetables or choose an Aligote Nativus from Domeniile Averesti, a bit more herbaceous, with very suitable citrus accents.
  • or the platter with dried-smoked meats, sausages, and leftovers from winter, a light red wine could go, but since it’s the beginning of the meal, we suggest sticking to an expressive rosé – a Merlot rosé Nativa from Domeniile Averesti or a Caii de la Letea Rosé Vol. 1 from Sarica Niculitel (Merlot, Syrah, Pinot Noir) will whet your appetite for later delights.
  • Depending on the recipe used for „drob” (lamb organs and meat pie), stick to the white wine mentioned above for a drob with lots of eggs and greens and with the rosé for drob with more meat.

Wine for hot dishes

It is the most difficult to find the right wine for lamb borscht. First of all, it matters what it’s sour with, secondly – what kind of greens you use. A neutral wine, slightly grassy, should fit well enough – the aforementioned Aligote or Ana Sauvignon Blanc from the Owner’s Choice collection from Jidvei.

Regarding cooked meats – your own fantasy is the limit. There are fresh, mature, acidic, rounded, new or aged red wines, each matching the complexity of the dishes you prepare.

The lamb „stufat” stew, using a lot of green garlic and green onions, is intensely vegetal and calls for a light red or a more intense rosé. Avincis‘ Negru de Dragasani Amfiteatru*, Caii de la Letea Geneza Rose*, Pincomet from Budureasca, but also a fresh, unoaked Feteasca Neagra, such as Nativus from Domeniile Averesti, would complement the taste well.

Roasted lamb or spit-roasted lamb require a more intense red wine, possibly slightly spicy. If you’ve made lamb the centerpiece of the meal, with ample portions, then you need to pair it with an important wine. SERVE‘s Cuvee Guy de Poix Feteasca Neagra, DeMatei’s Patima, or Via Viticola Sarica Niculitel’s Epiphanie would make a good match, not only for lamb but also for those who prefer pork.

If you’ve prepared small portions of lamb, leaving room for many other snacks before and after, you can venture into something more unusual, such as a Petit Verdot Pergament from Via Viticola or a Cuvee Valerius Alutus Primus from Avincis.

For smaller portions of pork or for a turkey to be shared among several people, dare to savor a Fetească Neagră from Gramofon Wine, and for poultry, a Pinot Noir (red) from Jidvei.

Fish lovers (grilled or baked) have plenty to choose from, from a lively Maria Feteasca Alba from the Owner’s Choice range from Jidvei to the traditional "fish wine" – Aligote Caii de la Leteaor even a well-rounded Chardonnay from Gramofonfor baked zander.

Wine for dessert:

For classic sweet breads, with raisins and a bit of chocolate cream, the recommendation is a Cuvee Amelie from Avincis, sweet and smooth For sweet breads with more chocolate, however, the Feteasca Neagra Opus Fabula from Gramofon will do a good job balancing the cocoa notes.

For Easter cake, it depends a lot on the ratio of dough to cheese – more dough calls for a drier wine, perhaps even a sparkling wine from Jidvei (excellent Mysterium white!), or a sparkling Cramposie from Avincis. If, however, the cheese with vanilla and raisins dominates, complement the taste with a Busuioaca Spectrum* from Domeniile Averesti. For pies with salty cheese, don’t hesitate to try a round and mature white wine – Migala Alb from DeMatei Winery, while pies with mushrooms, spinach, or leeks require more lively white wines – try a Zghihara from Averesti Estates or, for those who love more complex things, a white blend – Millenium from SERVE or Cuvee Experience from Domaine Bogdan.


  • Wines marked with "*" are exclusively available in Carrefour Romania’s Open Romanian Wine program.
  • Wines of Romania recommends moderate wine consumption!
  • For what moderate consumption means, also follow the Wines of Romania podcast episode featuring Dr. Hayat Memis, available here:


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