The Romanian Association of Authorized Tasters turns 30

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Founded in 1994, the Association of Authorized Tasters in Romania was formed by the first generation of graduates of the courses at the Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking, later taken over by the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Bucharest. Out of the 500 authorized tasters in Romania, 150 are today members of ADAR – oenologists, winery owners, engineers, sales directors, or university professors.

On this occasion, the association inaugurates the ADAR Gala, which aims to be "the beginning of a tradition to award excellence in this field." Happy anniversary, ADAR!

ADAR, the epicenter of wine professionals

ADAR’s role is to support authorized tasters, maintain their tasting training, deepen the study of wine, provide expertise in national and international wine competitions, and allow the exchange of information and ideas among its members. And when it comes to members, it must be said that ADAR is a true epicenter of the wine world, bringing together top oenologists, winery owners, the elite of the academic world, and renowned wine journalists.

Association members meet quarterly, usually at a winery, rotating through winemaking regions, and meetings last 2-3 days during which thematic tasting sessions are organized or new arrivals on the market are examined, but there are also discussions about current issues.

ADAR members are essential in the juries of regional, national, or international wine competitions, their expertise being recognized worldwide – the latest example being the title of "benchmark taster" obtained by Valentin Ceafalau at the Concours Mondial du Bruxelles.

ADAR, an essential role in the development of Romanian wine

"ADAR has played an essential role in the development and consolidation of the wine market in Romania, through its certification and continuous training programs, the association contributing to the increase in the number of authorized tasters and the promotion of high standards in the evaluation of wines. This increase in expertise has had a significant impact on the quality of Romanian wine products. From tastings to conferences and exhibitions, the association has managed to bring together enthusiasts, professionals, and producers under he same umbrella, creating an environment conducive to the exchange of ideas and experiences.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of its activity, the association organizes the first edition of the ADAR Gala, a celebration of excellence in the Romanian wine industry. The Gala, which will take place on March 15, 2024, at Casino Sinaia, highlights the recognition and awarding of the best wines and personalities in the wine industry, underlining their significant contribution to the evolution and promotion of Romanian wines nationally and internationally. In addition to ADAR members, wine producers and other industry professionals are expected to attend the gala: oenologists, viticulturists, sommeliers, wine distributors, and merchants," writes Diana Pavelescu, one of the ADAR experts, in the anniversary article published on the association’s website.

A salute to the professionals

Although they are no longer with us, two wine professionals have left their mark on ADAR and the entire wine market in Romania – Professor Viorel Stoian, author of the Great Book of Wine Tasting, oenology professor, honorary president of ADAR, and recipient of the OIV award, and Lucia Parvu, organizer of the first modern wine fairs in Timisoara (VinVest) and later in Bucharest (We Love Romanian Wine) ..

We cannot name and describe all 150 members of the association here, to whom we offer a salute, but we feel obliged to mention at least some of the names you may have encountered in Wines of Romania podcasts and articles, or who are expected to be guests on our channels.

  • Claudiu Necsulescu and Ioan Buia – the owner and oenologist of Jidvei, tireless hosts and a model for the development of wine tourism,
  • Prof. Arina Antoce and Prof. Ioan Nomolosanu – the soul of the Viticulture and Winemaking Department of the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Bucharest
  • Dan Balaban and Bogdan Costachescu – the owner and oenologist of DAVINO,
  • Eng. Gheorghe Craciunescu – the soul of all tastings in Iasi
  • Balla Geza – founder of Wine Princess, doctor of oenology, the first to successfully enter the Hungarian market with Romanian wines, where he was also named the oenologist of the year 2018
  • Valentin Ceafalau – world champion, alongside the Romanian team, in blind tasting, former wine journalist, currently marketing at Rasova winery,
  • Georgel Costache – another benchmark taster at the Concours Mondial du Bruxelles, judge in numerous competitions and vice president of ADAR,
  • Daniel Dorneanu, the soul of Mierla Alba,
  • Veronica Gheorghiu – oenologist at Oprisor Winery, whose wines have won hundreds of international medals,
  • Liviu Grigorica – professor, oenologist, top consultant, who has left his mark on several of the most important wineries in Romania,
  • Gheorghe Iova – co-owner of Cramele Recas, the first successful producer to enter the UK market,
  • Gabi Lacureanu – leader of the new generation of oenologists, known also for his role in the birth of Gramofon Winewines,
  • Sorin Macoviciuc – the man who brought the refinement of Champagnes to Panciu,
  • Nicu Mateescu – top oenologist, with a huge contribution to the improvement of the quality of wines in Vrancea,
  • Catalin Paduraru – journalist with over 1,000 published articles, organizer of IWCB – Vinarium,
  • Dorin Popa – the soul of the wine lovers’ community in Oradea, professor and editor of the first wine publications in Romania,
  • Aurel Rotarescu, the signatory of SERVE wines and Winemaker of the Year in 2019,
  • Razvan Stoenescu – founder of Wine Lovers Romania,
  • Aurel Popa, the soul of the Faculty of Horticulture at the University of Craiova
  • Traian Petrea and Petre Badea, the pillars of wine competitions in Romania
  • Fernando Mihailescu – the adventurer who makes wonderful wines, only for friends, at Crama Ferdi. And many others…

To all, mentioned or not, Wines of Romania wishes you a Happy Anniversary!

And, because any gala involves significant organizational efforts, we must also mention that the event is supported by:

Main partners: Valdo Invest and Cramele Recas.

Partners:Budureasca, BASF, Jidvei

Supporters: Cotnari, Averesti Estates, Klarwin, DeMatei Winery, Beciul Domnesc, Viisoara Winery, Valea Calugareasca, Lacerta, Domeniile Blaga, Domeniul Aristitei


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