Jidvei, Official Wine of World’s Largest Brancusi Exhibition

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Jidvei wines will be present at the opening of the world’s largest exhibition dedicated to Constantin Brancusi, organized by the Pompidou Center between March 27 and July 1, under the high patronage of President Emmanuel Macron

The organizers have chosen Owner’s Choice Maria Feteasca Alba, Pinot Noir Rosu 2019, and Mysterium Rosé to add a touch of authenticity to the universe of the great sculptor – the exhibition will host over 120 sculptures, along with photographs, sketches, archive materials, and Brancusi’s entire studio. More details in the official Jidvei press release:

Press Release

Jidvei, the official wine of the largest Brancusi exhibition in the world, in Paris

In March, Jidvei has the extraordinary privilege of being designated as the official wine of the opening of the largest retrospective Brancusi exhibition in the world, hosted by the Pompidou Center in Paris. The exhibition will take place from March 27 to July 1, 2024, under the high patronage of President Emmanuel Macron.

Designed as a tribute to the "father of modern sculpture," the Brancusi exhibition is part of a series of extraordinary events marking the closure of the Pompidou Center for a period of 5 years.

During the opening event, the journey through Brancusi’s artistic universe will be interspersed with accents and flavors from the heart of Transylvania – through the exclusive wine collections signed by Jidvei. Remarkable personalities from around the world will taste Owner’s Choice Maria Feteasca Alba, Pinot Noir Rosu 2019, and Mysterium Rosé wines while exploring the Master’s artistic path.
It is the first time that a wine producer from Romania has the privilege to participate in such a large-scale international cultural event.

"The fact that, on the occasion of its 75th anniversary, the Jidvei brand has been designated to bring a touch of authenticity from the heart of Transylvania to the heart of Paris, honoring Constantin Brancusi, honors us immensely. It is a moment of unique importance in the life of a Romanian and a historic moment for Romanian wine.
We hope that all those who appreciate the beauty and universality of Constantin Brancusi’s art, present at the event, will discover Jidvei wines as part of this tribute to his genius." – Ana Necsulescu, Communication Director at Jidvei.

Organized with the institutional support of the Embassy of Romania in France and the Romanian Cultural Institute in Paris, the Brancusi exhibition brings together, for the first time, the most remarkable ensemble of works by the great sculptor – over 120 sculptures, as well as photographs, sketches, films, archive materials, tools, and furniture, culminating with the artist’s studio. The curator Ariane Coulondre and the scenographer Pascal Rodriguez have a sensitive approach to the exhibited works, integrating them into the atmosphere of the studio. Constantin Brancusi himself paid great attention to the display of his sculptures, using pedestals, painted backgrounds, and lighting installations.

The retrospective exhibition is conceived as an experience that introduces the spectator into the atmosphere of Brancusi’s universe: its path begins in a bright, white room, recreating the intense emotion experienced by visitors when stepping into the artist’s studio, giving the works space to breathe and dialogue. In addition to the exhibit rooms, there is the oval space at the heart of the exhibition, where a variety of documents (archives, recordings, photographs, films, etc.) are found, offering a unique perspective on the personality of the great sculptor, firmly placing him among the modern avant-garde artists.

Jidvei is the only wine brand from Romania included by Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the Top 100 best producers of premium wines and spirits in the world.

*About Constantin Brancusi
An emblematic figure of 20th-century sculpture and modernity’s history, Constantin Brancusi was born in 1876 in Hobita, Romania. From 1904 until his death in 1957, he lived and worked in Paris, where he created the majority of his work. In 1957, after being rejected by the Romanian state, the artist donated his entire studio to the French state through his will. Reconstructed in 1997, the Brancusi Studio comprises 137 sculptures and 87 original pedestals, 41 drawings, 2 paintings, and preserves over 1,600 glass photographic plates and original copies.

*About the Pompidou Center in Paris
Inaugurated in 1977, the Pompidou Center holds the richest collection of modern and contemporary art in Europe and the second largest in the world, with over 120,000 works. The vision of its founders, George and Claude Pompidou, was to create a unique center for art and culture, a space for dialogue between artists and the public. The Pompidou Center simultaneously hosts the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art – with an international reputation, a large public library, an industrial creation center, and a research and musical creation center (Ircam).

*About Jidvei

Jidvei, the largest producer of wines with Controlled Designation of Origin in Romania (D.O.C. Jidvei), is the first Romanian wine brand included in the elite of the top 100 most prestigious producers of premium wines and spirits in the world, in the Top Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2023.

The Jidvei Group owns the largest vineyard plantation in Europe with a single owner, 2,500 hectares located right in the heart of Transylvania, and four wineries, located in Jidvei, Tauni, Blaj, and Balcaciu, as well as one of the most diverse product portfolios on the national wine market, ranging from still wines to sparkling wines, brandies, and musts.

The symbol of Jidvei wines is Bethlen-Haller Castle, a charming place where wine tourism activities are put in place so that they tell the story of the Land of Wine, a land of endless vineyards, fairy-tale castles, and Saxon fortified churches.


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