Wines of Romania and UNFINISHED unveil the Romanian wine

by Wines of Romania
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The journey into the world of wine is endless, the history and tradition of Romanian wineries is a topic worthy of being discovered by a curious community, such as the one at the UNFINISHED festival. Thus, the participants of the event have the opportunity, on October 1st, to take part in the workshop held by Marinela Ardelean, where they can taste a selection of Romanian wines designed for this audience only.

"The history and tradition of Romanian wine is a treasure that people should be able to discover, and we really want to be the ones who guide them through this darkness. The wine is outmost important to us, and we can’t wait to bring it closer to curious and adventurous people like the UNFINISHED community. We are happy when we have the opportunity to step out of the digital world and meet physically, after so many years when we almost forgot how to get together. I can’t wait to explore together with a tastefull world with lots of stories, all in a relaxed companionship", says Marinela Ardelean, founder of Wines of Romania.

Cristian Movilă, UNFINISHED founder, adds:We promised a lot of experiences for this edition of the festival, and one of them is offered by our friends from Wines of Romania, who not only help us in having a relaxed encounter, through the landmark products they offer, but also contribute significantly to the knowledge we always long for and are in search of here, at UNFINISHED. Moreover, as we always say, the most important thing about the festival is that everyone has the opportunity to talk to everyone. Artists meet businessmen, philosophers discuss with mathematicians, wine lovers make friends with introverts. That’s the only way we evolve, learning from others, understanding other fields and socializing as much as possible."

The seventh edition of the UNFINISHED multidisciplinary festival means 4 days of workshops, performances, debates, conversations and presentations gathered under the OFF-CENTER theme, a deep exploration of decentralization, as a concept. As before, participation takes time and commitment. The only way to join UNFINISHED is by filling in a form that contains questions about the values and motivation of those interested in participating in the festival.

About Wines of Romania

Wines of Romania aims to reposition Romanian wines to their rightful place, in the minds and hearts of consumers around the world. The Wines of Romania project is a digital universe dedicated to Romanian wines, wine lovers, buyers, producers and investors from all over the world.

WoR’s mission is to educate and inform the public about developments and trends in the world of Romanian wine, to promote quality wine and to build bridges to international markets, so that local wine gains its deserved position in the world.


Held under the high patronage of the European Parliament, UNFINISHED is the first multidisciplinary festival in Romania and was created by the Eidos Foundation as an experience in continuous evolution. From 2016 until now, Unfinished has had over 250 guests, including Pixar co-founder Alvy Ray Smith, Louis Vuitton men’s artistic director Virgil Abloh, multi-award winning artist Marina Abramovic, Obama administration digital strategist, musician Nicolas Jaar and Esther Perel, the best-known psychotherapist specializing in couple relationships.


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