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Episode #14 Opening Romanian Wine with Julien Munch, CEO Carrefour Romania

by Wines of Romania
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The second season of the Wines of Romania podcast debuts in force, with a special guest – Julien Munch, CEO of Carrefour Romania. Arriving in Romania, he took over the destiny of the company’s Deschidem Vinul Romanesc (We Open The Romanian Wine – DVR) program, which he continued to successfully develop.

He fell in love with Romania’s flagship grape variety, Feteasca neagra, at the first sight, recently discovered the potential of Feteasca regala and managed to become, in less than two years, a true ambassador of Romanian wine. Wines of Romania Podcast is inspired by the Deschidem Vinul Romanesc program (We Open The Romanian Wine), the first national program equally dedicated to Romanian wine producers and consumers.

Julien Munch, CEO Carrefour Romania at Wines of Romania Podcast

Open The Romanian Wine is a long-term national program with the mission to support the Romanian wine industry and put Romanian wine on the world wine map.
The program’s wine experts travel the country and visit wineries, from the largest well known brands to small family businesses, in search of new wines to promote nationally. They taste and select the wines, then the program’s consultants support winemakers with branding, promotion and distribution efforts to successfully reach modern retail.



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