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Wine of the week: Avincis, Unfiltered sparkling wine

by Echipa Wines Of Romania
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The secret of sparkling wines is the use of grapes that have a pronounced acidity, which is why Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay are preferred both "at home" in Champagne and in the rest of the world. In Romania, a local grape with similar potential is Cramposia, from which promising sparkling wines have already been produced. The most recent successful example of this is Avincis, where Cramposia meets the grape-symbol of French sparkling wines – Pinot Noir.
The result is an elegant wine, with lively notes of white flowers and freshly mown grass, to which are added classic pastry notes (toast, muffins), made more pronounced by the producer’s decision to leave the wine unfiltered. So, if you see small suspended particles that slightly cloud the wine, don’t panic, it’s just the yeast that produced the bubbles!
Like any sparkling wine, it goes perfectly with holidays and with the right person!


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