Valentine’s Day

by Robert Heizer
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For most, Valentine’s day is declared as lovers’ day, is one of the many days when you want to show your loved one how important she or he is to you and how much you love him or her.

Why is February 14 a more special day than the others?

It is a day when gifts are offered, from flowers, jewelry, chocolate, to one square meter of land on the moon or anything else the partner has in mind or can offer, but everything must be superlative. It is a day when declarations of love are made and many engagements or even marriages are concluded.

This day is one of the winter windows in which, after so many cold and dark days, the sun seems to come out, most of the time it really does and everyone is enjoying the return to life. Or, coming back to life means together. Together, with the one with whom you went through the winter, through the cold and dark days, whom you thank for being close to you and not letting you down.

If you are alone, give yourself gifts and enjoy this day, because you had the strength to get through this winter. And hope is reborn with joy that you, you, make for yourself.

The story of Saint Valentine’s Day

There are many stories associated with different events that would have happened in antiquity, on this day, and the fact that the tradition dates back so long, makes it as serious a celebration as possible. A story about the imprisonment of a Christian named Valentin from Rome for serving and defending those persecuted by the officials of the Roman Empire in the third century. 

According to the same legend, Valentin would have restored the sight of the blind daughter of his jailer, which brought him canonization as a saint. Other stories say that he would have sent a note to the blind girl, whom he loved with all his heart, a love note signed "your Valentine" or that he officiated the marriages of soldiers, because it was forbidden for them to marry while they were enlisted

Whatever the origin and whatever were the real or imaginary activities of this Valentine who became a saint as a recognition of his merits in the service of love, it is certain that he is very beloved, as long as he is celebrated in all the Christian countries of the World.

Because it is not our holiday, the Romanians, it is borrowed just like Halloween. We can’t wait for a day of celebration, to enjoy moments together, with those to whom we permanently give our affection.

Valentine's Day

Things to do to be a real Valentine

First of all, you should make every day special, not just February 14th or February 24th (when we celebrate the Romanian Valentine, Dragobetele!) or March 1st (when we celebrate “Martisorul” the arrival of spring, with love).

I don’t think a calendar date is necessary to offer a flower and a declaration of love. These must come naturally, because you love your partner constantly, not only at holidays and events.

Being a day in which we each find something to celebrate, be it our meeting, our first kiss, our first declaration of love, be it even the outstretched hand to pass over a slippery and frozen sidewalk edge.

It is a day that has become in recent years of consumerism. Markets and street corners are filled with street vendors who offer singing teddy bears with hearts drawn on their bellies, red pillows in the shape of a heart, gingerbread in the shape of a heart pierced by Cupid’s arrow, an amalgam of colors and variety, that you don’t even know if Santa Claus is coming or March 1st.

Valentine’s Day is still about intimacy. Even if most couples will end up filling restaurants, wine pubs or cafes, there will be many who will prefer the comfort of home, where they can create a romantic atmosphere with rose petals, candles and relaxing music in the background. But the evening would not be complete without food, sweets and wine.

What food and wine will you have for Valentine’s Day?

I am clearly one of those who celebrate this day more discreetly, but definitely as "gourmet" as possible. So I will probably cook, that is, I will cut slices of all kinds of cheeses, on a large plate (not in the shape of a heart!), I will put raisins among them (so that we have something sweet) and choose a rose wine from:

Busuioaca de Bohotin de la Domeniile Averesti;

❥ Geneza rose  de la crama Via Viticola / Caii de la Letea

Duchess of  Transylvania Rose de la crama Pivnita Savu

❥ Bistrot rose de la Domeniile Prince Matei

Karakter rose  de la Aurelia Visinescu Wines

Spumant rose Mysterium de la crama Jidvei

Cuvee Sissi de la crama SERVE

Virtuoz rose de la crama Gramofon

Flamma Rosé de la crama Alira

Music will be present, that’s clear. But I think we will give up the scented candles in favor of simple ones. Rosé wines have a special bouquet, which must be felt and it would be a sin to be masked by the scent of candles. As part of the Wines of Romania team, where we learn about the art of wine, St. Valentine would punish me if I tasted a floral rose with my loved one, in an atmosphere of oud, musk or palo santo.

This day is about freshness, about renewing vows, about pure love. And what we do or how we do today, it is good to accompany us all year.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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