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Crama Alira

ALIRA wines have already made themselves known abroad, with solid partnerships in this direction for many years.

Promotion abroad is also supported by numerous medals won at prestigious international competitions.

ALIRA Winery offers guided tours for wine lovers.

The location is situated in an area with beautiful landscapes, where every visit becomes an experience in itself. The culinary preparations offered along with the wines, complete the picture for a better understanding of local traditions.

Private events can also be organised.


Alira Winery - a constantly updated "passport" of the winery, useful for consumers and professionals

  • Name of the winery: ALIRA Winery
  • Region: Dobrogea
  • Contact person: Bogdan Bocaneala
  • Phone: +40758238979
  • E-mail:
  • Working hours: Monday-Friday 10:30-15:30
    *visits can be made ONLY by reservation
  • Company name: SC WINERO CRAMA SRL
  • Year founded: 2006
  • Owner/Owners: Dr. Karl Hauptmann and Patrik Simek
  • Oenologist: Marc Dworkin
  • Annual production (in litres): 1.2 million litres
  • Direct sale at the winery: YES
  • Cellar address: Str Principala nr 41, village Aliman, commune Aliman, Constanta
  • Head office address: 2B Ronda Street, sect 2, Bucharest
  • Website:
Crama Alira
Crama Alira

Crama Alira

Alira – new home, new style

Alira was one of the wineries that managed to win the market almost immediately, from its first wines (100% Merlot), extremely concentrated, extractive and dark, as the market demanded at that time, in 2005-2010. Those were the years when investors from "the West" were trying to discover the true potential of the Balkans, a period of flourishing business and rapid development.

For Karl – Heinz Hauptmann, this means anything, from volatile oil businesses in the Republic of Moldova to large real estate projects in Bucharest (Opera Center, Bucharest Business Park, etc.), or a boutique winery in Bulgaria, Enira. Oenologist Marc Dworkin, originally from Bordeaux, had worked with Hauptmann’s associate, Count Stephan von Neipperg both in France and Bulgaria, so getting involved in the Romanian wine market was a natural step. 

Dworkin was the one who chose the location of the future vineyard and took care of the first generations of wines. Today, with consulting contracts in Israel, China, France, Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria, Mark Dworkinhas become a true flying winemaker and is less present in the everyday life of the winery. Still, the legacy of his style remains evident.

The place chosen by Marc Dworkin turned out to be perfect and, after the plantings between 2006 and 2008, 80 hectares began to gradually bear fruit, first Merlot, then Cabernet Sauvignon and Feteasca neagra. An unfortunate series of bureaucratic complications meant that the first harvests were vinified at other wineries, first at Corcova, then at other geographically closer wineries, which had already managed to invest in technology upgrades. 

Alira – a name derived from the names of the Aliman and Rasova villages, where the vineyard is located – manages to retain its unmistakable style and, regardless of the place where the technological processes take place, it releases easily recognizable wines, faithful to the warm terroir and the fertile soil from the banks of the old Danube.

Fortunately, in 2016, investor Patrik Simek appears on the scene, founding Alira Grand Vins, a new company that, after a total investment of over 5 million euros, manages to complete the construction of the winery. In its new home, Alira redefines itself, following market trends, towards more cheerful, fruit-driven, less extractive wines. 

We had the opportunity, at the end of 2022, to taste the tank samples for next year’s rosé and red wines, and we assure you that freshness is the main attribute of their new style.

Today, Alira can process and store a total of 1.2 million liters, all the equipment is of the latest generation, and the new construction can boast of being one of the "greenest" in the industry, having electricity provided by solar panels ( 104 kW), and the climate controlled by an underground thermal field.

The tourists can hang out in a special section of the winery, built in a minimalist-industrial style, combining wood, glass and concrete in an elegant ensemble. The lawns and terraces, along with the landscape – the vineyards stretching towards the sunset – make this place a perfect destination for corporate events or memorable evenings with friends.

Very close to the winery, near the border between the Calarasi and Constanta counties, are the fortresses of Sacidava and Dunareni, witnesses to the fact that wine has been made here for at least 2,300 years. Moreover, the symbol of the winery – a centaur – is inspired by a bas-relief discovered in Dobrogea, which tells the story of the conflict between the centaurs and the Lapiths. 

The story says that the centaurs, invited by the Lapiths to a wedding, lost their minds because they drank wine in excess and caused a huge fight. On the other hand, we know that the ancient Greeks nicknamed the Thracians centaurs, due to their warlike spirit, maintained, apparently, by the regular and consistent consumption of wine… If we also add that, apparently, in the great Trojan War, the Thracians would have held the side of Troy, against the Greeks, the condescending attitude of the Greeks would be easier to understand.

There are no accommodation facilities at the winery (yet), but there are recommended guesthouses nearby. Moreover, you can be guided towards local gastronomy lovers, where you can discover the famous pastrami and local cheeses, or the traditional dried-smoked fish. Perfect for Sauvignon Blanc from Alira!


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