Valdo Invest Presents New Technologies at Indagra 2023

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Valdo Invest, a market leader in food technology and winemaking equipment, will be participating in the Indagra 2023 exhibition, taking place at the Romexpo complex from October 25 to 29. Valdo’s innovative products can be visited daily at Pavilion B2, Stand 43A.

For the wine industry, Valdo Invest is synonymous with a reliable partnership for the entire technological process of winemaking, from grape reception, destemming, crushing, pressing, fermentation, storage, to stabilization, treatment, and temperature control of the winemaking process and environmental conditions.

In 2023 alone, Valdo led a massive process of retechnologization at Tohani Romania, which received an update for the entire production chain. A similar process, but on a different scale, was also seen to Crama Liuta in Babadag, with technology implementations occurring at numerous other wineries, large and small, from Samburesti and Rasova to Pivnita Savu, Vanju Mare, Casa de Vinuri Crucianu, or Crama Sarba. In a Romanian premiere, Cramele Recas installed two vessels with a capacity of one million liters each with the support of Valdo.

Over time, Valdo Invest has managed numerous technological projects for wineries of all sizes, including Jidvei, Recas, Cotnari, Via Viticola Sarica Niculitel, Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea, Domeniile Samburesti, Alexandrion Group, Tohani Romania, Crama Teodor, Crama Ratesti, Pivnita Savu, Domeniile Blaga, Vitis Metamorfosis, Crama Pandora, Tenuta Odobesti, Alira, and SCDVV Pietroasa.

At Indagra 2023, Valdo Invest will present new models of winemaking vessels, a new autoclave model for sparkling wines, new fermenters, and the new Puleo press with gas protection.

"In Romania, the conditions have been created for producing quality wines through investments and existing funding programs. I hope to see all recent investments translated into wines with personality, typicity, fidelity to the terroir because I have noticed a slight tendency to give wines a general note. We are always here for the producers, with a team of professionals but also with heart – we do what we do very well because we love what we do," says Liviu Nastase, co-owner of Valdo Invest.

Partners and visitors of Valdo Invest are invited to a wine tasting from wineries benefiting from Valdo’s expertise, held by Marinela Ardelean on Friday, October 27. Wines from SCDVV Pietroasa (Rezerva Tamaioasa Romaneasca and Feteasca Neagra Research & Innovation), Crama Bratu (Traviata and Feteasca Neagra 2020), Feteasca Neagra Apogeum, and the sparkling wine Dolette from Tohani Romania will be tasted.


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