"The Longing Package" - Carrefour x Bringo proposal for Romanians away from home during the holidays

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Bucharest, April 11, 2024: In April, Carrefour Romania and Bringo launch "The Longing Package" and invite Romanians everywhere to surprise their loved ones with a special gift for the Easter holidays. Thus, both Romanians in the country and those abroad spending the holidays away from home can send their loved ones a gourmet package to ease the longing for their dear ones. The initiative aims to create a form of personal connection beyond physical borders and strengthen ties with loved ones on the eve of the holidays.

Launched in the presence of thousands of spectators at Andra’s concert in Stuttgart last weekend, the campaign runs from April 6 to May 8 and offers access to all users with an active account in the Bringo application to an exclusive selection of products from the French retailer’s portfolio. "The Longing Package" proposes an unusual pairing of Romanian wine and cheese from the "Open Romanian Wine" and "Here’s Romanian Cheese" programs, accompanied by a Carrefour own-brand cozonac (traditional sponge cake), "Dear Romania" / Drag de România. Depending on the available varieties in the application, Romanians can select their favorite products from the dedicated section to create a personalized gift package to suit the recipient’s taste.

"The idea of the campaign stemmed from a need that we notice among consumers year after year – the longing for home that Romanians in the country and abroad face during the holidays. Because longing is alleviated by small gestures and because we are always attentive to the wishes of our customers, we have created together with Bringo a simple and fast solution through which Romanians can send a warm thought to a loved one from a distance. Thus, "The Longing Package" becomes a bridge of emotional connection between people. Through this campaign, we aim to help Romanians bring home at least a part of the joy and taste of the holidays spent together," stated Narcis Horhoianu, Chief Marketing Officer & E-commerce, Carrefour Romania.

Here’s how you can bring joy to your loved ones during the holidays:

1. Download the Bringo application from Google Play, App Store, or App Gallery and create an account

2.Enter the recipient’s address

3.Go to Carrefour hypermarket and search for the "Longing Package" promotion, where you will be able to access the list of available products:

  • wines from the "We Open the Romanian Wine" program: Caii de la Letea Geneza Feteasca Neagra, Oaky Chardonnay, rose, Aurelia Visinescu Distinct Cabernet Sauvignon, Feteasca Alba and Tamaioasa Romaneasca, rose
  • aged cheese from the "Here / We Crave Romanian Cheese" program: From the producer Five Continents, matured cheese with caraway seeds, with red wine, with Provence herbs, with Italian herbs, with green pesto or with basil.
  • sponge cakes and small crescent rolls from the "Dear Romania" range, various assortment
  • a gift bag

4.Select at least one product from each category – wine, cheese, sponge cake or small crescent rolls (cornulețe) – to complete the Longing Package and choose a gift bag

5.Enter the discount code "ANDRA" in the "voucher" section when placing the order and enjoy free shipping.

6. As a bonus, Carrefour offers an additional discount of 10 lei/order.

7.Bringo personal shoppers will then pick up the products from Carrefour stores and deliver the gift to your loved one.

If a product from the selected ones is no longer in stock, it will be replaced with a similar one. The campaign is available in cities where Bringo is present with Carrefour hypermarkets.

"Through Bringo, we have always tried to help our customers and give back to them a very precious resource – time. The greatest joy of customers is the time spent with loved ones, family, friends, hobbies, but when the family is far away, any kind of connection brings you closer to your loved ones. "The Longing Package" is not just a gift, it is a way to convey warmth and joy, and for us, it is an honor to facilitate this emotional connection between people during the holidays," said Florina Dobre, CEO of Bringo Romania.

Romanians in the diaspora have sent home the first "Longing Packages"

The Longing Package campaign debuted on April 6 in Stuttgart, Germany, during Andra’s „Traditional 2” tour, held for Romanians abroad, where Carrefour was a partner.

"I am deeply moved when I meet Romanians living abroad and connect with their stories. I wish for my shows to bring together Romanians from all corners of the world, to gather us to enjoy the music that touches our souls. I thank Carrefour and Bringo for their presence at the concert in Stuttgart with an initiative through which we hope to alleviate, even if just a little, the homesickness of those present. I can’t wait to bring even more surprises in the future," added Andra, Brand Ambassador of Carrefour Romania.

Following the launch, the longing packages reached the relatives and friends of the Romanians present at the event through Bringo delivery drivers.

Carrefour promotes Romanian products for the holiday table

For a traditional Easter, Carrefour continues to promote Romanian products in collaboration with Bringo, the first Romanian personal shopping platform. Thus, "The Longing Package" contains exclusively Romanian products from the retailer’s own programs and brands:

WineCaii de la Letea Geneza, Feteasca Neagra, and Oaky Chardonnay, Aurelia Visinescu Distinct Cabernet Sauvignon, Feteasca Alba, and Tamaioasa Romaneasca, rose, all included in the We Open the Romanian Wine program available exclusively at Carrefour, and also part of a range of wines awarded in international competitions. The program initiated in 2019 aims to support the Romanian wine industry and put Romania on the international wine map with a selection of over 200 labels, some of which are sold exclusively at Carrefour nationwide.

Cheese – The selection of artisan matured cheeses is part of Carrefour’s newest program, Here’s Romanian Cheese. Together with local experts, Carrefour identifies producers from across the country, providing technical expertise and support to access modern retail. It supports Romanian farmers through causes opened in Act for Good and offers Carrefour customers a rich selection of unique Romanian cheeses, aged and / or blue, all created with the highest quality local ingredients.

Cozonac / Sponge cake – With cherries or traditional, the Drag de Romania sponge cake is a must-have on the Easter table. Since its inception, the Drag de România range has aimed to translate a wide range of authentic Romanian tastes and niche products into an accessible form for consumers, facilitating access to a diverse range of local products.

More details about the Longing Package can be found here – The Longing Package.

About Carrefour

Carrefour Romania offers its customers a universe of shopping possibilities. As the only omnichannel retailer in Romania, Carrefour offers customers shopping experiences through the mobile application and Self Service cash registers in stores, through online shopping services with home delivery, through BRINGO and Glovo, or with the Click & Collect option on www.carrefour.ro or www.cora.ro.

With the acquisition of the Romania Hypermarche SA operations, Carrefour reaches approximately 450 stores, in 113 cities across the country, and ranks in the top three players in the retail market in Romania, being a certified top employer (2023, 2024) for over 17,000 employees.

In 2022, Carrefour Romania was a significant contributor to supporting the economy, with over 681 million lei in taxes paid to the state budget. Carrefour’s suppliers last year were over 93% from Romania, and now the retailer continues to constantly expand its network of local and ultra-local producers, totaling over 1,300 partnerships, to supply fresh products.

The company supports the communities in which it operates through long-term national programs and initiatives with a positive impact on society: Cooperative Agricole Vărăști, the first of its kind founded by a retailer in Romania, We Open the Romanian Wine, Grow Romania BIO, Our Garden, Here’s Romanian Cheese or Pay with PET. The Act For Good platform turns shopping into a personalized experience with social impact. Each shopping session can bring users loyalty points, through which they can do good deeds, but they can also benefit from personalized discounts and offers.

Carrefour Romania operates in Romania through five main legal entities: Carrefour S.A., Artima S.A., Columbus Operational SRL, Supeco Investment SRL, and, since November 2023, Romania Hypermarche SA.

About Bringo

Bringo is an online shopping application where you can find everything you need – from fruits and vegetables to sports equipment and books from over 200 partner stores – in total, over 90,000 products with multiple delivery options: fast delivery, same-day scheduled delivery, or Click&Collect service.

In December 2023, we launched Bringo Mall, a service available for the first time on the e-commerce and e-grocery market in Romania, which allows customers to place a single order with products from multiple stores.

The major benefit of the Bringo app compared to other platforms is the personal shopper service. You have a dedicated person for your order who does the shopping for you as you would, allows you to modify the shopping list in real-time, and offers alternatives for unavailable products.

Bringo is available in over 37 cities in Romania, as well as in two other countries, through Bringo International.


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