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SIMEI 2022

SIMEI is an exhibition of international equipment for winery and bottling. It is organized by Unione Italiana Vini (UIV) with the collaborators and it is an biennial event of great acclaim in the field of viticulture.

This year SIMEI took place between 15 and 18 November, 2022. After a forced stop from 2021, the event returned with the 29th edition and so it got back into the biennial rhythm that we are used to.

SIMEI – with outstanding organization 

All the technology applied in winemaking and viticulture, could be seen and appreciated in those four days and in those four oversized halls. These stood out through dimension and soundproofing related to the number of visitors present at SIMEI.

The murmur of those over 33,000 visitors who crossed the threshold of this exhibition was not at all deafening. And you could even hold a dialogue without hurting your vocal cords. Reception conditions and direction were very precise and easy to intuit even for one unfamiliar with the area or the language.

SIMEI Diverse

Exhibitors for all wine services

The 4 days of SIMEI in Fiera Milano were too few to be able to accumulate all the information presented by the over 470 exhibitors. Predominantly from Italy and France and one to five exhibitors from the USA, Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Hungary and Romania.

Romania was represented through Triago Trading, a company specialized in the manufacture of tanks and stainless steel equipment for Industry food, chemical or pharmaceutical.

The benefit of such exhibitions is that one can form his own opinions with the possibility to compare the same type of product made and presented by two or more, totally different companies.

Through SIMEI 2022 exhibitors, in terms of wine analyzers (that’s what I was more curious about) 31 producers presented themselves, and among these, the ones that attracted my attention were from DNAPhone, CDR Foodlab and those from BioSystems Analytical Solutions.

They all offered us a lot of patience with a presentation very comprehensive on their own products. The most attractive analyzer in DEMO mode was from BioSystems with their Y400.  Below you can watch some frames with this analyzer that offers us a tailored show. The action is recorded by me in this edition of SIMEI 2022. Enjoy!

For many, the appearance and the mode of operation seems something taken from sci-fi movies. But this analyzer is real and looks very good

Wine industry has a choice of equipment at SIMEI

Besides the analyzers, that’s all for laboratory specialized and as well for small wineries I saw some other product categories. From raw materials, production facilities, pressing systems and equipment, fermentation containers and aging, filters and filtration systems, bottling systems and filling, inspection systems, classification machines or sorting, containers, products and washing equipment, labeling systems and printing, packaging systems and transport. In general all the technology needed in a vineyard, regardless of its level.

In the image below you can see 2 classic winepressing systems, which have the same purpose, use the same pressing method but are completely different beacause they are made by two different companies.

Teascuri Moderne

SIMEI as an exhibition of international equipment and winery and bottling had as a theme for the 2022 exhibition: sustainability. The events were specifically dedicated to business models green, sustainable aspects ecological, social and economic.

With the purpose of developing a technical sector and technological sustainability, the events were organized by the Sustainable Wine Roundtable (SWR).

Curiozitati SIMEI

SIMEI offered everything, for everyone and for all tastes and all pockets. It was a unique experience after which I was very pleasantly impressed. 

I am curious to see what the organizers and exhibitors will surprise us with at the next edition of SIMEI, which will take place in two years from now. Until then, more grape processing and wine tasting!


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