Jidvei Owner’s Choice celebrates its 10th anniversary

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Wines of Romania JIDVEI POdcast

Jidvei Owner’s Choice celebrates its 10th anniversary

"When I was five years old, I wondered why my father couldn’t come home more often. Luckily, our grandfather was also involved in the business, so our father managed to at least visit us on weekends. But when I got there, right from the beginning of the privatization, I realized the size of the company, how beautiful the field is and why my father can’t come home", says Ana Necsulescu about her childhood and about the almost predestined path to the family business.

Today, Ana takes care of the communication and PR of the largest family winery in Romania, while her sister, Maria, oversees all processes in the company, from the position of deputy general manager.

The most valuable legacy of the Nesculescu sisters is the respect for people and earth, but also unconditional support for your fellows are the values instilled in the new generation by their father and grandfather. "One thing I have always appreciated about my father is how he is so warm with everyone, how he tries to help anyone who has a problem… I have never met a single person who had a problem, exposed it to my father and did not receive any help", explains Maria Necsulescu.

Ten years after the launch of the first superpremium range, Owner’s Choice, we have prepared a special episode of the Wines of Romania podcast: for the first time together in an interview, Ana and Maria Necsulescu! Enjoy



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