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When strength, talent and courage meet, stories are born that change the universe of Romanian wine. 

Those who have lived long enough in the wine world have a different perception of time. They know that an investment spans over several years, sometimes many years, and the results come late, very late, sometimes not even during the lifetime of the one who laid the foundations of the vineyard. There are no shortcuts.

Getting a vineyard established in its own market takes about a decade – you have to do well every year so that those who liked your wine from the first taste would return to you. Decades of work are needed to establish a region on the global market. And to gain its recognition – maybe a century, maybe more.

Domeniile Averesti is a young winery that already has a history behind

There are a few wineries in Romania that have followed this route, and Domeniile Averesti is one of them. Although it came to the attention of the public only in recent years, the foundations of the current winery were laid quickly after 1989, by taking over 100 hectares of vineyard. Then, in 2005, the then-pending bankruptcy Averești company was bought. The land was purchased step-by-step by its current owner, with the replanting process starting in 2010, followed by investments in winemaking technology.

In 2020, another 100 hectares from the Husi vineyard were added to the already owned 650 hectares, and the former Husi winemaking complex was also purchased, boosting the production capacity of Domeniile Averesti to 8 million litres, and propelling it into the top 10 of the biggest wineries in Romania.

It seems like a lot, but anyone who has tasted their wine knows that it does have the "industrial wine" standardized taste. Any (and every) winery will tell you a story about care, attention to detail, love and passion – and, almost always, it really is a true story.

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History is made with people who put some soul in their work

Beyond the story, the explanation for the quality of Averesti wines has a name, a face and (a lot of) personality: Claudiu Cretu, oenologist and production manager, the man who knows how to master each fermentation tank so that, in the end, he would obtain the best wine that that harvest allows.

And he does what he does well, as testified by the countless international gold medals (in major competitions, such as Mondial du Bruxelles, Mundus Vini, International Rose Championship or Berliner Wine Trophy) or the three consecutive titles of the best aromatic rose, at the National Contest of Rose Wines.

Obviously, the oenologist’s talent is important, but everything that was built up to the moment when Claudiu had the grapes to vinify is equally important. And here the credit goes to the owner, Constantin Dulute, a man who spent his whole life in agronomy, learning to listen to the earth and who bet on Romanian wine, considering, as he stated in many interviews, that viticulture is the pinnacle of agriculture.

And not only the Romanian wine had to gain from this decision, but especially the local varieties, some almost lost, some compromised by producers obsessed with quick profits. Zghihara and Busuioaca de Bohotin were reborn, reminding wine lovers of the playful spirit of wine and its power to create unforgettable moments.

When an investment is meant to be recouped in many years – it is said that the vineyard and the olive grove are planted for the grandchildren – it was expected that Domeniile Averesti would become a real family business.

Crina Dulute, Constantin’s daughter, started studying marketing in high school, continued in college (at ASE) and perfected her studies in Portugal. Then, the particle "Florea" was added to her name, and the family grew both at home and in the company, with the addition of her husband, Rares Florea, who brought along the sales experience gained in a corporate environment. And now, the two are already raising the next generation. But that’s another story, for another time… 


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