Ep. #17 About wine, moderate consumption and excesses with Dr. Hayat Memis

by Wines of Romania
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Rivers of ink have flowed and thousands of hours of broadcasts have been recorded the beneficial and less beneficial effects of alcohol. Somehow, however, this topic also seems to polarize opinions and become all black and white. Is wine good for health? Is the wine antioxidant? Is wine addictive?

We also wanted to find clear answers, so we looked for a top doctor who was not a partisan of any party, and our search led us to Hayat Memis, a young cardiologist with an extremely discreet presence, but about whom the simplest search shows that, two years ago, was part of the team that won the European Competition of Simulated Clinical Cases.

Today, she spends her time between the Floreasca Emergency Clinical Hospital, where she is both a doctor and a researcher, and the Regina Maria Private Health Network. The result was a dialogue filled with unbiased information, from a doctor who does not prohibit anything, but only recommends – a still rare attitude. So, dear wine friends, if you want to know about:

  • The relationship between wine, melatonin or endorphins,
  • What does a true balanced diet really mean,
  • What is alcohol dehydrogenase and what it does,
  • Why women should consume less alcohol than men,
  • Why is it not recommended to eat fruit when drinking wine or other alcoholic beverages,
  • Why is occasional and regular alcohol excess don’t really differ that much
  • How is the excess of carbohydrates or proteins similar to excess of alcohol,
  • Which are the categories most vulnerable to alcohol addiction,
  • How to detect alcohol addiction,

then the only thing you have to do is watch our new episode of the Wines Of Romania podcast. Less than 30 minutes for a healthier and better life!


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