Three wineries to celebrate movies in Transylvanian festival

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TIFF 2023

The actors, directors, personalities, journalists and cinephiles who will gather this year at the Transylvania International Film Festival will have the opportunity to discover and enjoy the wines of three wineries from "over the mountains" – Domeniile Averesti, Pandora and Casa de Vinuri Cotnari. Especially for the foreign guests, Zghihara, Sarba and Grasa de Cotnari will play the role of ambassadors of Romania. Furthermore, in the same place where Oliver Stone or Geoffrey Rush held workshops last year, festival participants will be able to attend an "experience" workshop, pairing wines and films.

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An unprecedented collaboration is taking place in the world of wine: Domeniile Averesti, Casa de Vinuri Cotnari and Crama Pandora will participate in TIFF 2023 under a common campaign –Enjoy the difference!

For the first time in Romania, three local wine producers have the same communication and image within a major cultural event, such as the Transylvania International Film Festival. The Averesti Estates, Casa de Vinuri Cotnari and Crama Pandora have joined forces to communicate their wines at the largest film festival in Romania, Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF, 22nd edition). Zghihara de Averesti, Grasa de Cotnari and a Sarba-based blend are the stars of the campaign of the three Moldavia producers at TIFF 2023.

Another first is the organization of an experiential workshop at TIFF 2023 in which participants will learn how to pair films with wines, so that both experiences are mutually reinforcing. The best wines of the three wineries will be tasted during this workshop led by Andreea Lica, Pandora Winery business manager, together with Adrian Paduraru, an actor and wine enthusiast.

Three producers, one action

"Wine and movies have the same engines: vision, creativity, technical knowledge and a lot of money. Both are art forms that have the power to seduce and project their followers through a simple frame into a sea of senses and emotions. We welcome the initiative of the three wineries to jointly organize the "Wine and Film" workshop and we believe that such activation will offer a unique perspective on the ways in which the two arts can be consumed together", said Tudor Giurgiu , President of the Transylvania International Film Festival.

"Romanian wine has always been present in TIFF editions, but this time it is unique that three important wine producers have joined forces to educate the public at TIFF in associating films with wines. I am grateful to the TIFF organizers for this extraordinary opportunity to organize the Wine and Film workshop and I can guarantee the TIFF guests that discover the wines from the Averesti Estates (Zghihara, Busuioaca or Feteasca Neagra), the Cotnari Wine House (sparklings made of Francusa or Feteasca Neagra, Grasa de Cotnari, ZAZ) and Pandora Winery (Mon Blanc, Mon Rose, Cuvée Pandora) will be delighted at this year’s TIFF parties", pointed out Andreea Lica, Business Manager of Pandora Winery..

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Only working together can we make wine a national brand

"Our winery has had partnerships and joint projects with other Romanian wine producers in the past, at various events dedicated to the industry, but this is the first time we initiate such a collaboration within a cultural event. We are happy to be able to offer wine lovers at TIFF, together with Casa de Vinuri Cotnari and Crama Pandora, wines representative of the wine areas from which each one of us comes. Surely this project is just the first of many, and you will see us together, maybe with other producers as well, at many national and international events", said Crina Dulute, Marketing Manager, Domeniile Averesti.

"Casa de Vinuri Cotnari promotes the association of producers for communicating the Romanian wines internally and outside the country and this project is in accordance with our policy. The presence at an international cultural event of such scope as TIFF is an achievement that is all the more important since all three of us promote wines from Romanian varieties. Only together will we be able to make the wine a national brand", believes Matei Ștefan, Co-owner of Casa de vinuri Cotnari.


About the Averesti Estates

With a tradition dating back to 1874, Domeniile Averesti / Averesti Estates entered the market in 2010, following the modernization and development investments of the current owner, Constantin Dulute.

The replanting and modernization of the Averesti winery sums up to total investments of over 25 million Euros. To the 650 ha lready owned, in 2020, businessman Constantin Dulute added another 220 ha, bought for over 2 million Euros from the former winemaking complex in Husi, thus reaching a total surface of over 800 ha and a production of over 10 million liters of wine.

The Averesti Estates own the largest area in the country cultivated with Busuioaca de Bohotin (220 ha) and are the only ones that make wine out of the famous Romanian grape variety: Zghihara de Husi.

The wines produced by Domeniile Averesti are awarded medals at domestic and international competitions year after year, proving that wines are produced with a lot of attention and the aid of top technology.

About Casa de Vinuri Cotnari

The Cotnari vineyard carries the history of over 2000 years and the uninterrupted tradition of producing an authentic Romanian wine, synonymous with the excellence of the winemaking craft.

Based on the experience and history of Cotnari S.A., Casa de Vinuri Cotnari brings excellence and innovation found especially in the winemaking of Romanian varieties such as Grasa de Cotnari, Francusa, Tamaioasa Romaneasca, Feteasca Alba, Busuioaca de Bohotin or Feteasca Neagra. Established in 2007, Casa de Vinuri Cotnari is an ambitious project that covers over 350 ha, as well as the Vladoianu mansion. Combining modernism with the long experience and history of the place, Casa de Vinuri Cotnari managed to impose its wines both in the country and abroad, obtaining numerous awards and distinctions.

With a history of grapevine culture that is lost in time, the wealth of wines from the Focsani area has been mentioned since the 17th century, in a manuscript discovered by N. Iorga in Naples.

Built on the old vineyard that belonged to the nobleman Nicolau, the Pandora Winery, currently owned by the businessman Doru Simiz, experienced a rapid development, especially after the arrival of its talented oenologist, Florin Manoliu, in 2020.

The 45 ha, of which 10 ha have just been replanted, grow local varieties such as Sarba, Plavaie, Feteasca Alba, Tamaioasa Romaneasca, Feteasca Neagra, but also international varieties, which have produced wines awarded in international competitions.

The new winery that will be opened soon, the mansion in full restoration process, the very modern winemaking and storage line together with the wines are the expression of what we currently define as the new wave of wine.


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