The great hangover – prevention and treatment

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It is possible that all the sci-fi books that have the theme of time travel have the same source – hangover. Specifically that infinite ending, punctuated by hellish headaches, thermor and gastric refluxes that makes you wish you could go back at least 24 hours ago and administer a correction with a baseball bat, with consequences much easier to tolerate. On the other hand, the experience of serious hangovers can be useful when passing more easily over flus, dislocations or surgery without anesthesia. In the most optimistic scenario, when calibrating the future consumption of alcohol, towards volumes that do not lead to the repetition of the experience…


Obviously, if we approach hangover as a condition (and somehow it is a sum of symptoms of voluntary intoxication), prevention is always more important than treatment. I mean you have to consume with measure and keep in mind at least a few things:

  • before the occasion of consumption – spritul with buddies, meeting with former colleagues, brain rinsing after a hard week or whatever you want to call it – eat zdravan, preferably a meal rich in carbohydrates. Bread, pasta, malai or rice, fruits of any kind, peas, beans, potatoes, carrots, chocolate, dairy – all slow down the absorption of alcohol into the blood;
  • Drink plenty of water. Specialists (those I consulted do not have medical training, but "from the field") say that water is essential, even if you drink drinks with lower concentrations of alcohol. The recommended doses are 250-350 ml of water for each liter of beer consumed, 1:1 in the case of wine and 7:1 (!!!) for distillates.
  • Pause between glasses. Give your body time to process alcohol, waiting at least 30 minutes between drinks.
  • Avoid fizzy drinks (accelerates the rate of alcohol absorption), choose lighter drinks instead of colored ones (the darker they are, the higher the risk of containing methyl alcohol or other than ethyl, aldehydes, ketones, tannins and esters that make it difficult for the liver to load).


Frequent urination, sweating and additional secretion of gastric acid that alcohol causes are the basis of the symptoms of hangovers, translating into dehydration, demineralization, electrolyte imbalance, burns and gastric reflux, etc..

For each of these symptoms there are, fortunately, also enhancers.

First, drink water. As much as you can! Headaches, sensitivity to light and slight tremors can be easily combated only with water. For persistent pain, avoid paracetamol and choose either an aspirin or a pill based on ibuprofen.

The most important supplement for hard mornings is cysteine, an amino acid sulfide that helps break down acetaldehyde, in turn arising from the decomposition of alcohol by the liver. Acetaldehyde is toxic and irreparably destroys the DNA of some cells. The largest intake of cysteine is the eggs – and you have seen enough films in which the antimahmureal remedy contains raw eggs. They do not necessarily have to be raw (although they help), they can also be boiled or fried. Chicken meat, yoghurt, cheese or, for vegetarians, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, red bell peppers or sprouted germs also contain reasonable amounts of cysteine.

Sodium and potassium are among the elements lost in abundance due to excess alcohol. Juices for athletes, with electrolytes (Gatorade type), bananas, potato chips, orange or tomato juice, avocado and coconut water will help you quickly restore your balance.

Obviously, the traditional cabbage juice also has a contribution, especially if it also causes you thirst and will make you drink a lot of water. Tripe soup is only good if it has a lot of salt, a lot of sour cream and a lot of mujdei (also due to cysteine), otherwise it works only as a placebo. A chicken soup a la Grec has about the same effect as a belly soup without mujdei.

Even if they won’t make you feel better right away, the fruits – actually the glucose and fructose in them – help metabolize alcohol. In short, I’ll do you good, even if you don’t realize it on the spot.

Go for a walk – endorphins are a natural painkiller! And last but not least, sleep – "sleep it over" – because fatigue slows down the processes in the liver. For safety, when you know you have to "go out", sleep well before!

The WoR team wishes you only pleasant mornings and recommends you, obviously, to consume with measure!


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