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Pasta without meat? Not without wine!

by Echipa Wines Of Romania
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What wines do we associate with an Easter menu for vegetarians?

During Lent, vegetarians suffer (obviously) less. The kind that we are urged to meditate on in Lent is for them, anyway, the letter of the law throughout the year. But we have to enjoy Easter together, and no other social binder works better than wine. So we have drawn up a suitable list for a vegetarian menu (ovolacto), suitable for a holiday.

– For snacks, an eggplant salad with tabouleh and bell peppers (tomatoes, preferably) filled with feta, tomatoes and greens, well sprinkled with olive oil and oregano, along with an organic Sauvignon Blanc from Bogdan Domain;

– The warm entrée – a mushroom drob (with or without quail eggs, according to your preferences) or a mushroom pudding with onions and cheese, conjoined with egg white – along with a Samburesti Rose from Vinarte;

– In the break before the main course – potato salad with halloumi, spinach and garlic (where you can leave your fantasy at play – dill, green onion, macadamia nut oil, etc.), along with a Jiana Rose from Oprisor or a Mysterium rose from Jidvei.

– For something freshly taken out of the oven, cabbage rolls with mushrooms and rice or grilled polenta with hardened mushrooms, especially if they are a bit spicy, fit a Dragasani Black from the Mennini Winery or, if they are more spicy, with a Feteasca Neagra unrecognized by oak barrels – Marama from the Segarcea Crown Domain.

– For dessert, a savory chec with cheese and yogurt, only good for a sparkling Romanian Incense from Cotnari, Colloquium in Prague or, if you want to sweeten even more, a Busuioaca de Aversti Nativa, semi-sweet, from Averesti Domains.

Good appetite!


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