Mihai Morar: "Yes, I'm a kind of vampire, I admit it!"

by Wines of Romania
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Wines of Romania Podcast: Ep. #1

Fans of Mihai Morar’s famous podcast – a podcast praised by Marinela Ardelean as "cool and simple as a Feteasca Neagra" – watched and listened to him as a host, less as a guest. Wines of Romania presents Mihai answering, this time, the probing questions of the WoR podcast producer. As both are originally from Maramures, the dialogue was naturally linked, especially as they each had a glass of prosecco at their disposal. And even if the discussion started, inevitably, from horinca – by the way, Baia Mare, Maramures -, it then flowed to wine. You will find out why local wine is a celebration for Mihai Morar, but also why Romanian wine can contribute to the country’s brand. 

By following the podcast you will also find out which were the first wines Mihai tasted and in which context, what are the top three values represent him, what is his greatest satisfaction, apart from family, but also how many friends he has in his circle, and why he considers himself a kind of vampire (!). 

 "I just want to be, to do what I love, to keep telling stories, to write stories and it doesn’t matter if I tell them on the radio or tell them on a podcast or write them on Instagram or have it appear on another social platform," Mihai confessed to Marinela.  


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