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Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR)

ADDRESS: Bucharest, B-dul Carol I, nr. 2-4, sector 3, postal code 030163, post office 37 | www.madr.ro
CONTACT: Phone Public Relations +40213072446; +40213072422; Phone Press Relations: +40213078682; +40213078553; E-mail: relatii.publice@madr.ro; comunicare@madr.ro.

National Office of Vine and Wine Products (ONVPV)

ADDRESS: Bucharest, Soseaua Iancului, nr. 49, sector 2 | | www.onvpv.ro
CONTACT: Phone +40212505097; Mobile +40752100990 | E-mail: office@onvpv.ro.


Agency for Payments and Intervention in Agriculture (APIA)

ADDRESS: Bucharest, 17 Carol I Boulevard, sector 2 | www.apia.org.ro
CONTACT: Phone Public Relations 0213054802 / 0213054832 | Communication | e-mail: relatii.cu.publicul@apia.org.ro | birou.presa@apia.org.ro

Agency for Rural Investment Financing (AFIR)

ADDRESS: Bucharest, Str. Str. Horse Garden, nr. 3A, sector 5 | www.afir.info
CONTACT: Phone +4 0728 107 516 | e-mail: relatii.publice@afir.info


Association of Romanian Wine Producers and Exporters (APEV)

ADDRESS: Gura Vadului, nr. 472, Prahova county | www.dealu-mare.ro
CONTACT: contact@dealu-mare.ro

APV Dealu Mare – Professional Wine Association Dealu Mare (DM Guaranteed)

ADDRESS: Gura Vadului, nr. 472, Prahova county | www.dealu-mare.ro
CONTACT: contact@dealu-mare.ro

Club of Unauthorized Wine Tasters (CDViN)

ADDRESS: Arad, Bv. Vasile Milea nr. 42 | www.cdvin.ro; www.vestik.ro
CONTACT: Phone: +40 745 460 429 | e-mail: vestik.ong@gmail.com | http://pivnicer.blogspot.com

Association of Consulting Oenologists in Romania (ASCER)


Professional Wine Organization Panciu Panciu (AP VITIVINICOLA PANCIU)


Association Vitis Transilvania Jidvei (AP VITIS TRANSILVANIA JIDVEI)

ADDRESS: Jidvei, Str. Garii, nr. 34, Alba county

Professional Association Vie Vin Recas Timis (AVV RECAS)

Recas, Wine Complex, Timis county

Vrancea Pietroasa Interprofessional Wine Association (AIV VRANCEA PIETROASA)

ADDRESS: Focsani, Str. Avantului, nr. 12, Vrancea county

Professional Association Domeniile Cotnari (AP DOMENIILE COTNARI)

Cotnari, STr. Castel, nr. 1, Iasi county

Association of Authorized Tasters of Romania (ADAR)

ADDRESS: Bucharest, USAMV Bucharest, Department of Viticulture and Winemaking, 59 Marasti Boulevard
CONTACT: Phone +4 0722 211 629 | e-mail: adar@adar.ro | www.adar.ro

Association of Producers and Merchants of Wines with Denomination of Origin Tohani (APCVDO TOHANI)


Professional Association of Vineyard Saddling Material Producers (APVMSV)

ADDRESS: Murfatlar, Str. Bucuresti, nr. 1, Constanta county

Association of Equipment Manufacturers and Importers

Packaging and Other Materials for the Production of Wine and Alcoholic Beverages (APIEAM)

Ostrov Danube Terraces Professional Wine Association (APV Ostrov Danube Terraces)

ADDRESS: Ostrov, Str. Regiei, nr. 1, Constanta county

Viile Teleormanului Zimnicea Professional Wine Association (APV Viile Teleormanului Zimnicea)

Association of Insuratei Wine Producers (APVV Insuratei)

Professional Wine Association of the Dobrogea Hills

Professional Association of Winegrowers of Minis Maderat Vineyard

ADDRESS: Ghioroc, Str. 6 March, nr. 1, Arad county

Association of the Knights of St. Orban Wine – Carei

PROVITIS Association Arad

ADDRESS: Pancota, Str. Tudor Vladimirescu, nr. 94, Arad

PROVITIS Association Arad

ADDRESS: Pancota, Str. Tudor Vladimirescu, nr. 94, Arad


Non-profit Association of Winegrowers of Carei

Dragasani Professional Wine Association

ADDRESS: Dragasani, Str. Gib Mihaescu, nr. 25, Valcea county

Santimreu Wine Association Wine Cellar Ur

National Interprofessional Wine Organisation (ONIV)

ADDRESS: Bucharest, B-dul Marasti, nr. 59, sector 1 | www.oniv.ro
CONTACT: e-mail office@oniv.ro

Silvania Wine Association

ADDRESS: Simleu Silvaniei, Str. Partizanilor, nr. 45, room 1, Salaj county”

Closca cu Puii de Aur Wine Association Pietroasa Pietroasele, Buzau county

Association of Producers and Merchants of Wines with Designation of Origin Murfatlar

ADDRESS: Murfatlar, Murfatlar, nr. 1, Constanta county

National Federation of Approved Tasters (FNDA)

ADDRESS: Bragadiru, Str. Povernei, nr. 48 – 50 H | www.fnda.ro
CONTACT: Phone +4 0729 112 011

Romanian Sommelier Association (ASR)

ADDRESS: Bucharest, Str. C.A. Rosetti, nr. 25, 2nd floor, ap. 9, sect.2 | www.sommelieri.ro
CONTACT: Phone +4 0724 898 039, +4 0723 816 622 | e-mail: info@somelieri.ro

Association of Professional Sommeliers in Romania


State Institute for Variety Testing and Registration (ISTIS)

ADDRESS: Bucharest, B-dul Marasti nr. 61, sector 1, code 011464. OP 25, CP 8 | www.istis.ro
CONTACT: tel +40 21318 43 80 / +40 21318 44 08 | Email: office@istis.ro; secretariat@istis.ro

Central Laboratory for Seed and Planting Material Quality Bucharest (LCCSMS)

ADDRESS: Bucharest, Constantin Sandu Aldea alley, nr. 10, sector 1, postal code 012065 | www.lccsms.bvl.ro
CONTACT: Phone +4 021 2240264; +4 021 222 84 20 | e-mail: lccsms@lccsms.ro


Central Laboratory for Quality Control and Wine Hygiene (LCCCIV)

1. Valea Calugareasca, Prahova county, Str. Valea Mantei, nr 1, located in the premises of ICDVV Valea Calugareasca CONTACT: 0244235200, e-mail: constanta.vicol@madr.ro |www.lccciv.ro
2. Blaj, Alba county, Str. George Baritiu, nr 2 | CONTACT: tel. +4 0258710055 |e-mail: lrccivblaj@yahoo.com

3.Craiova, Dolj county, Str. Str. Calea Bucuresti, nr. 166 | CONTACT: tel. +4 0722 579 118

4. Focsani, Vrancea county, Str. Milcov, nr. 40 | CONTACT: tel. +4 0725 930 114

5. Basarabi, Constanta county, Str. Calea Bucuresti, nr. 1 | CONTACT: tel. +4 0726 173 914

PFA Ratulea Daniela Cristina, Authorized Laboratory M.A.D.R.

ADDRESS: Urlati, Prahova county, Str. Cuza Voda, nr. 44

Protect Consult S.R.L.

ADDRESS: Bucharest, Splaiul Unirii, nr. 162 | www.protectvit.ro
CONTACT: tel +4 0744 765 052 / +4 0775 300 499, e-mail: office@protectvit.ro

Centre for Wine Studies and Sensory Analysis (CSVAS)

ADDRESS: Bucharest, USAMV Bucharest, Department of Viticulture and Winemaking, 59 Marasti Boulevard
CONTACT: tel +4 021 318 35 96 | e-mail: aantoce@yahoo.com


County soil and agrochemical survey offices under the supervision of the county agricultural directorates (OSPA)

County Agricultural Directorates


Authority for the Administration of the National Anti-Grid and Precipitation System (ASNACP)

ADDRESS: Bucharest, 12 Carol I Avenue, 1st floor, sector 2 | www.asnacp.eu
CONTACT: tel +4 021 300 56 06; +4 021 300 56 07 | e-mail: antigrindina@asnacp.ro

National Phytosanitary Authority (ANF)

ADDRESS: Voluntari, Ilfov county, B-dul Voluntari, nr. 11 | www.anfdf.ro
CONTACT: tel +40212703254, +40212703256, +40212703260, +40212705796 | e-mail: anf@anfdf.ro, fitosanitar@anfdf.ro

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