New range of wines, Iluziv by Jidvei, marks a premiere on the Romanian wine market

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Iluziv by Jidvei

Jidvei launches the new range of Iluziv wines on the market, designed especially for young consumers. The design combines a contemporary and fresh look with the Jidvei company’s characteristic respect for the art of wine.

The uniqueness of the Iluziv range lies both in the bold choice of varieties and in the heat-sensitive labelling, offering an immersive journey into a universe where what you get is always more than what you see.

The Iluziv range offers three perfect blends for new taste experiences.

Floral and fruity, Ilusiv Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling Italian and Muscat Ottonel is an experience that will take you to an exuberant reality. An explosive dialogue between authentic flavors and the typical freshness of the Jidvei terroir, complexity and simplicity in a wine with an unique personality.

Illusive Traminer Rosé, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay bring together intriguing aromas and notes in elegant tones of yellow fruits, apples, pears and quinces. Perfect for enjoying with friends at a special dinner or a more sophisticated lunch.

Gama Iluziv

Spontaneous and expressive, Iluziv Roze (Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Pinot Noir) will seduce you instantly with fine accents of cherries, red and black currants, followed by spicy tones of white pepper and sumac. The taste of summer, in a glass of wine, accentuated by a refreshing wave of fruity freshness.

"In addition to the very contemporary design that illustrates the concept of tasting illusion stylized in an optical illusion, the label is made by a special technical process – the application of heat-sensitive ink. As the wine cools and is ready to be enjoyed, the label changes color and the name of the wine becomes obvious, just as illusions are dispelled once you taste the wine and begin to identify and enjoy the notes and flavours," – Ana Necsulescu, Jidvei Communication Manager.

The official launch of the Iluziv range will take place during the Nostalgia festival, in an environment defined by energy, music and dance.

"Retro will always be in fashion, and Jidvei reinvents itself with each new wine, with each story. At Nostalgia, we have also created an immersive space, based on optical illusions, so that the participants can live a truly extraordinary experience when they taste, for the first time, our Iluziv range" – Ana Necsulescu Jidvei

This summer, live Illuziv!

Iluziv by Jidvei

About Jidvei

The Jidvei Group (, the largest wine producer in Romania, owns the largest single-owner vineyard in the country and in Europe, with 2,500 hectares of vines and wineries equipped with the latest high-performance equipment, located in the wineries at Jidvei, Tăuni, Blaj and Bălcaciu, with a total storage capacity that exceeds 35 million liters.

In the JIDVEI DOC area, some of the most appreciated Romanian wines and sparkling wines are produced, their quality being confirmed every year by the medals awarded in international competitions. Jidvei wines have been awarded over 500 medals in the past 10 years, in the most prestigious wine competitions in the world.


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