Dealul Dorului Winery

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Crama Dealul Dorului
Crame Regiunea Banat

The wines of Dealul Dorului Winery can be found in countries such as Germany, Austria, Canada or China.

Dealul Dorului Winery has in the middle of the vineyard a beautiful guesthouse with 12 rooms, a tasting room and an impressive wine storage area. Guests can benefit from walks through the vineyard and through the neighboring places with horses, both on horseback and with carriages drawn by 2 or 4 horses. For relaxation, there is also a lake where you can fish.


Dealul Dorului Winery - a constantly updated "passport" of the winery, useful for consumers and professionals

  • Name of the winery: Dealul Dorului Winery
  • Region: Banat
  • Contact person: Husarciuc Doru
  • Phone: 0744617981
  • E-mail:
  • Working hours: 09.00 – 18.00
  • Company name: Sc Dealul Dorului SRL
  • Year founded: 1995
  • Owner/Owners: Husarciuc Doru
  • Oenologist: Hîrîci Vadile
  • Annual production (in litres): 100000
  • Direct sale at the winery: 60 ha
  • Cellar address: 101 Semenicului Street, Buzias, jud. Timis
  • Address: 101 Semenicului Str., Buzias, jud. Timis
  • Website:
Crama Dealul Dorului
Crama Dealul Dorului

Dealul Dorului Winery

In the heart of Banat, nestled between the hills full of legends of Buzias and Silagi, there is a place with a special charm. It is a place where the sun joyfully pours out its golden treasures, where the wind blows more softly, the rain falls in pure drops and the winters calm their harshness, as if to protect the vines. For the place is famous for the wonderful wines created here over time, in a long tradition in which the skill of the locals has been interwoven with the gifts of the volcanic soil and the climate conducive to growing and processing grapes.
The Dealul Dorului vineyard has a unique charm, whatever the season.


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