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Wines of Romania

We aim to contribute to the development of the Romanian wine industry and to the success of the Romanian wine image in the world by informing, educating and supporting wine producers.

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Wines of Romania is an independent platform, made with 100% private capital, where you can find quality information about wines, wineries, people, places and business opportunities.

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We address all those interested in Romanian wines and wineries in Romania and we aim to be the main information portal on Romanian wine.

The world would be a better place if people would seek and allow themselves to enjoy more of life’s little pleasures, and Romanian wine really can spread a little extra joy into the world.



Marinela Ardelean Wines of Romania Despre

Marinela Ardelean

Founder of the Wines of Romania platform, Marinela is a wine expert, jury president in international competitions, author of wine books and tireless promoter of Romanian wine. She entered the world of wine by developing new markets in Asia-Pacific and North America for Italian wineries, learned about wine in Italy, France and China, and travelled to 100 countries on all continents promoting and tasting wines. In 2021 she will complete a PhD on wine marketing to continue her mission to take Romanian wine to the world and turn it into a country brand.

Mirela Heizer Wines of Romania Despre

Mirela Heizer

Mirela has so many titles and functions that we can hardly count the most important ones. She is an OIV Expert (scientific delegate in the commissions of Viticulture, Economics and Legislation), has international certification in Ampelography and in Control of Geographical Indications, WSET 3 certification, is an authorized taster, ADAR member and juror in national and international wine competitions, PhD in Agricultural Sciences, ONVPV Specialized Inspector.

Radu Rizea Wines of Romania

Radu Rizea

Trained as a social and investigative journalist in the romantic period of the Romanian press, Radu decided after 2000 that the luxury market, wine and gastronomy are areas where public education is needed. He participated in the launch of the first wine magazines in Romania, then moved for a while to the other side of the fence, as a brand manager, to study the wine market from the inside. Today he writes again with pleasure about wine and its people.

Ionut Sava Wines of Romania DESPRE

Ionut Sava

With over 500 websites developed, 5 years of experience with Amazon and another 7 years of web development and online marketing, Ionut is the "wizard" behind all the existing (and future) features of the WoR platform, as well as the Wines of Romania app. He works, like all members of his team, 24/7.

Alexandru Mosneagu Wines of Romania DESPRE

Alexandru Mosneagu

Alex is a full stack web developer and cybersecurity enthusiast and doesn't interact much with the WoR team in the various WhatsApp groups where we hold our "editorial meetings". Suppose he has given up speaking languages other than Css, scss, bootstrap, tailwind, php, oop php, mvc, twig, MySQL, sql, JavaScript, React, vue React, native c or c++. That is, if he hasn't learned any since last week...

Alina Dumitrita Wines of Romania DESPRE

Alina Dumitrita

Passionate about social media, where she has already gained three years of experience, and qualified in graphic design and wordpress management, Alina "uploads" materials, chooses and processes photos, tweaks each page until we all like how it looks and is always ready to work. She just gives us the runaround if we want to do something that falls into her area of expertise.

Mihaela Cojocaru Wines of Romania DESPRE

Mihaela Cojocaru

She has been living in Italy for a long time, where he obtained the DipWSET certification, the school for which he is also an Educator, being at the same time AIS (Associazione Italiana Sommelier) sommelier. She started his career working in wine tourism, then moved to export, education, and in recent years he specialized in digital marketing. She is WoR's main online interface, developing in parallel the export promotion component and together with her, you will exercise your wine tasting skills.

Robert Heizer Wines of Romania DESPRE

Robert Heizer

Aschia doesn't jump far from the tree: the Heizer family's future will continue in the world of wine. Robert is a research engineer at SCDVV Minis, a member of ADAR and has worked at Valeaeden and Ratska Wines, managed an organic winery at Terra Natura Organic and "did his hand" in internships in Tuscany. He has a Masters in Winemaking, WSET 2 certification and is a PhD candidate in Viticultural Technologies.

Maria Olguta Petre Wines of Romania DESPRE

Maria Olguta Petre

Studying Viticulture and Oenology at Plumpton College in London, Olguta has been living in England for 7 years with her children. She is always up to date with trends in mature and sophisticated markets and, when she is not working on English sparkling wine production, she writes analyses and articles or promotes Romanian wine at all wine lovers' meetings.

Wines of Romania

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